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Рисуем на коленке. Одежда. Лидия Дали

Хочешь научиться рисовать, но не знаешь, с чего начать? Эта книга поможет тебе! Кто угодно сможет нарисовать модные платья и юбки, пользуясь инструкциями из этой книги. Рисуй одежду шаг за шагом и наслаждайся результатом. Вдохновение гарантировано!
Искусство | Просмотров: 41 | Дата: 16.07.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Рисуем на коленке. Животные. Надежда Сапунова

Если вы не являетесь профессиональным художником, но очень хотите научиться рисовать животных, эта книга для вас. Благодаря ей вы усвоите основные правила рисования зверей. Метод, разработанный в книге, довольно прост: каждое животное можно изобразить схематично. Построение проходит в три этапа: зарисовка тела животного, проработка деталей и штриховка. В самом начале этого пособия художник расскажет об основных особенностях строения скелета животного, а также о том, как среда обитания и образ жизни влияют на формирование его тела. Рисовать животных – это не так уж сложно!
Искусство | Просмотров: 59 | Дата: 16.07.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Рисуем кошек. Нина Щербакова

Эта книга стала результатом многолетнего практического опыта художницы и преподавателя Н. Щербаковой, в которой она с помощью пошаговых инструкций научит рисовать кошек карандашом, акварелью, акрилом и маслом. Следуя рисункам и описаниям, представленным в этой книге, вы обретете необходимое вам вдохновение.
Искусство | Просмотров: 64 | Дата: 11.07.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Мир акварели. Техники, эксперименты, практические советы. Джин Хэйнс

Для Джин Хэйнс краски – это сокровища, а кисть – волшебная палочка, с помощью которой британская художница и преподаватель предлагает перенестись в необъятный сияющий мир акварели. Вас ждут эксперименты, необычные эффекты, пошаговые демонстрации и практические рекомендации. Освоив авторскую технику рисования в свободной манере, вы создадите по-настоящему неповторимые картины.
Искусство | Просмотров: 118 | Дата: 29.06.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Russian Painting. Peter Leek

From the 18th century to the 20th, this book gives a panorama of Russian painting not equalled anywhere else. Russian culture developed in contact with the wider European influence, but retained strong native intonations. It is a culture between East and West, and both influences in together. The book begins with Icons, and it is precisely Icon-painting which gave Russian artist their peculiar preoccupation with ethical questions and a certain kind of palette. It goes on the expound the duality of their art, and point out the originality of their contribution to world art. The illustrations cover all genres and styles of painting in astonishing variety. Such figures as Borovokovsky, Rokotov, Levitsky, Brullov, Fedatov, Repin, Shishkin and Levitan and many more are in these pages.
Искусство | Просмотров: 50 | Дата: 22.06.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Michelangelo. Eugène Müntz

Michelangelo, like Leonardo, was a man of many talents; sculptor, architect, painter and poet, he made the apotheosis of muscular movement, which to him was the physical manifestation of passion. He moulded his draughtsmanship, bent it, twisted it, and stretched it to the extreme limits of possibility. There are not any landscapes in Michelangelo's painting. All the emotions, all the passions, all the thoughts of humanity were personified in his eyes in the naked bodies of men and women. He rarely conceived his human forms in attitudes of immobility or repose. Michelangelo became a painter so that he could express in a more malleable material what his titanesque soul felt, what his sculptor's imagination saw, but what sculpture refused him. Thus this admirable sculptor became the creator, at the Vatican, of the most lyrical and epic decoration ever seen: the Sistine Chapel. The profusion of his invention is spread over this vast area of over 900 square metres. There are 343 principal figures of prodigious variety of expression, many of colossal size, and in addition a great number of subsidiary ones introduced for decorative effect. The creator of this vast scheme was only thirty-four when he began his work. Michelangelo compels us to enlarge our conception of what is beautiful. To the Greeks it was physical perfection; but Michelangelo cared little for physical beauty, except in a few instances, such as his painting of Adam on the Sistine ceiling, and his sculptures of the Pietà. Though a master of anatomy and of the laws of composition, he dared to disregard both if it were necessary to express his concept: to exaggerate the muscles of his figures, and even put them in positions the human body could not naturally assume. In his later painting, The Last Judgment on the end wall of the Sistine, he poured out his soul like a torrent. Michelangelo was the first to make the human form express a variety of emotions. In his hands emotion became an instrument upon which he played, extracting themes and harmonies of infinite variety. His figures carry our imagination far beyond the personal meaning of the names attached to them.
Искусство | Просмотров: 45 | Дата: 22.06.2017 | Комментарии (0)

The Life and Masterworks of J.M.W. Turner. Eric Shanes

At fifteen, Turner was already exhibiting View of Lambeth. He soon acquired the reputation of an immensely clever watercolourist. A disciple of Girtin and Cozens, he showed in his choice and presentation of theme a picturesque imagination which seemed to mark him out for a brilliant career as an illustrator. He travelled, first in his native land and then on several occasions in France, the Rhine Valley, Switzerland and Italy. He soon began to look beyond illustration. However, even in works in which we are tempted to see only picturesque imagination, there appears his dominant and guiding ideal of lyric landscape. His choice of a single master from the past is an eloquent witness for he studied profoundly such canvases of Claude as he could find in England, copying and imitating them with a marvellous degree of perfection. His cult for the great painter never failed. He desired his Sun Rising through Vapour and Dido Building Carthage to be placed in the National Gallery side by side with two of Claude’s masterpieces. And, there, we may still see them and judge how legitimate was this proud and splendid homage. It was only in 1819 that Turner went to Italy, to go again in 1829 and 1840. Certainly Turner experienced emotions and found subjects for reverie which he later translated in terms of his own genius into symphonies of light and colour. Ardour is tempered with melancholy, as shadow strives with light. Melancholy, even as it appears in the enigmatic and profound creation of Albrecht Dürer, finds no home in Turner’s protean fairyland – what place could it have in a cosmic dream? Humanity does not appear there, except perhaps as stage characters at whom we hardly glance. Turner’s pictures fascinate us and yet we think of nothing precise, nothing human, only unforgettable colours and phantoms that lay hold on our imaginations. Humanity really only inspires him when linked with the idea of death – a strange death, more a lyrical dissolution – like the finale of an opera.
Искусство | Просмотров: 36 | Дата: 22.06.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Icons. Nikodim Kondakov

Icon painting has reached its zenith in Ukraine between the 11th and 18th centuries. This art is appealing because of its great openness to other influences – the obedience to the rules of Orthodox Christianity in its early stages, the borrowing from Roman heritage or later to the Western breakthroughs – combined with a never compromised assertion of a distinctly Slavic soul and identity.

This book presents a handpicked and representative selection of works from the 11th century to the late Baroque period.
Искусство | Просмотров: 35 | Дата: 22.06.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Уроки классического рисунка. Техники и приемы из художественной мастер

В книге известной современной художницы Джульетты Аристид подробно описаны процесс работы над рисунком и все необходимые материалы и инструменты для его начала. Проанализировав общие составляющие всех гениальных рисунков, автор делится формулой успеха и рассказывает о методах и техниках, ведущих к мастерству. В конце каждой главы есть практический урок, который поможет закрепить полученные знания.
Искусство | Просмотров: 220 | Дата: 21.05.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Рисование фигуры человека. Полное руководство. Джованни Чиварди

«Рисование фигуры человека» – это подробное руководство известного итальянского художника Джованни Чиварди. Книга состоит из нескольких разделов, изучать которые можно в любой последовательности: анатомия, наброски человека, обнаженная натура, голова и лицо, кисти и стопы, одежда. Чиварди щедро делится информацией об инструментах и техниках рисования, а также собственными профессиональными приемами. Руководство проиллюстрированно многочисленными работами автора.
Искусство | Просмотров: 110 | Дата: 21.05.2017 | Комментарии (0)

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