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Stress Relief. How to Manage Stress in Everyday Life, Prevent Depression and Improve Mental Health. Egor Kuzmin

Stress Relief. How to Manage Stress in Everyday Life, Prevent Depressi

Almost daily we hear people use the word stress, so it seems that almost everyone knows what this phenomenon represents and how to recognize it, not not how to prevent or mitigate its harmful consequences. Stress is a set of emotional, physical, physiological and behavioral responses that occur when an event is thought to be hazardous or disturbing, and beyond our capacity to cope with. Of course, we should not forget that stress is essentially a very positive part of human nature.


Looking around, most would agree that there are many sources of stress. People daily experience stress in all areas of life, in their family, in communication with friends, acquaintances, in public places, school, college, the workplace… the list goes on and on.

Sources of stress can be found internally or in our environmentTherefore, we will split them into two groups.

The internal sources are those that depend on a single person.

Ambitious people and those who set very high goals and have unrealistic expectations are at greater risk. They fail to adapt to circumstances, i.e. reality. The risk is greatest in those who are prone to perfectionism, but also those who are prone to the compliments of authority, so they cannot set their own limits.

If a person’s role, in any area of life, is not entirely clear, and it is not clear what others expect from him, he may have the impression that more needs to be done to resolve the situation. Then the problem of dissatisfaction becomes bigger and bigger.

The problem is deepened if a person does not know how to set priorities, which could lead to too much time spent on unimportant things. The pressure increases if someone does not know how to balance between the different areas of life. For example, if a person’s job becomes their main focus, she will become increasingly frustrated, tired, and ineffective.


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