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Learning telepathy in 10 minutes. Valeriy Zhiglov

Learning telepathy in 10 minutes. Valeriy Zhiglov

If you want to discover the psychic abilities in yourselves and develop intuition and telepathy, to succeed in business and in achieving the goals of quality, this is the right book for you.


It shall not take too much time for you to read this book through, and to understand basic methodologies needed to discover some specific extrasensory abilities in oneself. Yet, opening telepathy communication channels in a human, provided the methodologies described here are already learned and used properly, takes a few minutes. Well, let us have everything described in the proper order, from the beginning.

Having graduated from a university, I had my military service as a military medic, from 1973 until 1974, and it is there and then, that I started my very first experiments to study this phenomenon in my patients. However, in the beginning, it always took much time for me, weeks or even months, to teach someone the telepathy. Not always the positive result was achieved. Yet, as the methodology improved with the time, the results were becoming more and more promising.

Now, after more than forty years of studying telepathy I am certain almost anyone can learn it, and the things that one needs to learn telepathy are the wish, attention, belief in success.

For eight years, between 2007 and 2015, I ruled the community of Esoterica-369. Those were the years, when multiple participants of our community passed my tests and were taught telepathy by me, and they achieved positive results in short time, some even in dozens of minutes.


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